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Site reinstalled

The site has been upside down for some time, but is now getting back in shape. The reason for the problems was caused by some beta release hiccups in the way Koken and Lightroom work together (or rather not). I have now re installed the whole thing and will not use Lightroom direct uploads.

Discussion forum added

I have added Disqus discussion forum to the site. The discussion area is found at the bottom of a page with a specific photo. Please use it for giving feedback, comments or just chatting. Oh yes - I have also added a publishing link directly from my Adobe Lightroom photo library, which will simplify my upload of new photos and albums. Stay tuned.

ContextPhoto created

I am a photo-enthusiast and after many years of shooting and just stacking pictures on my private storage, eventually sharing on Dropbox, I have created the site Context Photo. The idea is to showcase some photos that could be of wider interest. There is a breadth of photo portfolio services and software out there; from free WordPress themes to costly one-stop-shops including tons of functionality. I have decided to go for Koken, a free content portfolio tool, that creates beautiful and functional sites. Bear with me while the site is being built and populated with content. I am happy to receive any comments or suggestions on email to martin@contextphoto.com. More about Context Photo here.