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Randonnée in Sunnmöre alps

Are ski lifts overrated? Well not if you enjoy the down-part of downhill skiing, but for the richer experience of nature and the grandeur of the mountains randonnée is the way to go! One full week with back country skiing i Norwegian Sunnmöre alps with Stranda lodge as our base camp made a perfect finale of this years winter season. During the week we climbed and skied on Kvitegga 1489 m, Heimste Blåhornet 1336 m, Fremste Blåhornet 1478 m, Ystevasshornet 1330 m, Blaeja 1420 m, Auskjeret 1203 m, Slogen 1564 m and Grötdalstinden 1420 m. Hundreds more peaks to explore in Sunnmöre - life is too short.

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Climbing Slogen looking into Ulvedalen
  • Offpiste in Les Arcs

    This years week with French UCPA took us to Les Arcs, with perfect conditions. Half a meter of fresh cold snow and after the initial dump a full week with a clear sunny sky. The UCPA guide took us to places we could only dream of.

    Glacier rescue training

    After last years Glacier training at Jostedalsbren in Norway, we wanted more and we plan to do another glacier walk the coming summer. Better safe than sorry and we need practice. Hence we started the weekend on a nearby hill - Kvarnberget on the west…