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Stockholm covered in snow

This year winter and darkness arrived abruptly, on November 9th we woke up to to the alarming news of the outcome of the US presidential election. Outside it was snowing heavily. During the night a 30 cm cover had built up. The temperature was around 0 deg C which made the snow really heavy and I had to use the snowblower to get the car out. When I headed to the city I realized that many roads, even main roads were blocked by trucks and buses stuck in the slippery road surface conditions. Luckily the tube was still in operation. The snow continued to fall the entire day and there was an odd atmosphere in Stockholm. People struggled walking in uncleared streets and sidewalks to get to and from work, cars stuck here and there, but overall the city felt deserted. The sentiment was a bit like in the movie "The day after tomorrow", where NYC is covered in snow after a dramatic climate change. I think the photo below reflects the feeling well. It is from Stockholm Hay market, usually a bustling place filled with market stalls and commerce. The blue building is the Stockholm Concert hall. 

Stockholm is beautiful in snow, but by March or April it is time to welcome the light and warmth again. Trump however will stay at least four years and I hope the damage to the climate will not be irreversible. 

See more photos from Stockholm on this snowy day here.

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