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Stockholm Photo marathon 2016

For the third year in a row I entered this challenging photo competition. 24 defined themes in 24 hours. Four themes were given every forth hour in pit-stops spread out all over the great city of Stockholm. In the end, after a long day and night, a memory card with 24 photos in the right order was handed in. This years themes were: Photographer, Secret, Play, Fly (or Fad), Ugly fish, Through thick and thin, Congratulations, Role model, Guitar hero, Summer evening, Lonely, Wet, Glow, Couch potato, Hat, Earth, Illustrious, Dance, Chaos, Breadcrumbs, Neighbourhood centre, Contrasts, Almost there and My participation number.

Previous years I have taken rather strict/graphical black and white photos. Sometimes own superimposed restrictions could amplify creativity and this year I had decided for a different style. My photos would be in colour, show people and preferrably also feelings. The Stockholm cultural festival We Are Sthlm was gongoing and there was a lot of activity and a bustling street life during the photo competition. Photographing people means a lot of interaction and I met so many friendly and helpful people - both Stockholm natives as well as tourists - they all really made it all worth the effort.

Some 400 photographers entered the competition and we have been asked not to show our photos until they have come to a verdict, hence I will not show them her until later in November. In the meanwhile I can share a photo that did not make it to my final selection. The one below is on the theme Couch potato taken 00.30 at Skeppsholmen Stockholm.

Edit: See the my entire series with a story to each of the 24 photos here.

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