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To my grandchildren - Nordic glaciers  

The Nordic glaciers are among Europe’s largest. At these latitudes the glaciers are at relatively low altitude and in many cases easily accessible. To experience the magic of the blue ice scenery basic glacier skills are needed. In this project glaciers in Sweden (Ahkka and Kebnekaise), Norway (Bondhusbreen, Nigardsbreen, Galdhöpiggen and Glittertind) and Iceland (Hvannadalshnjúkur) have been explored. Approaching the glaciers make me feel respectful and very small. Still, collectively, we are ruining these unique environments as global warming melts the ice. It is saddening to realize that for my grandchildren to experience the glaciers will only be possible by sharing my memories and photographs.

Approaching natures huge sculptures of ice makes you fell small. The sensation of the blue ice is magic.

The glacier Bonhusbreen ends as a tounge of ice on the other side of the lake Bondhusvatnet. Not long ago the glacier reached all the way to the lake.

With basic ice-axe, crampon and rope training the magic ice landscape becomes accessible. Far below the melting ice creates streams and rivers of ice cold water.

From the mountain lodge Spiterstulen Norways two highest mountains Galdhöpiggen and Glittertind are easily reached as one day hikes.

Crampon skills, Nigardsbreen, Norway

In spring and summer the valley fills with blue, ice cold melting water.

Late descent from Galdhöpiggen, Norway

The summer flora moves up the mountain as global warming continues.

Icelands highest mountain and Europes largest glacier is a bit of a challenge since the weather changes constantly. Beware of glacier rifts!

The volcanic activity in Iceland turn the ice cold water into perfect bathing temperature.

Next to the lake Akkajaure, after a long days hike to the glacier and summit. For how long can we still experience this?