© Martin Kull

2020 Autumn in Helags and Ramundberget  

One final summer adventure to Helags, Sweden´s southmost glacier.

At 1000m and at 6pm the dusk sets in

Approaching Helags mountain lodge

The morning after we will try to reach the top of Helags despite conditions are far from ideal. Also the Helags bath does not seem tempting.

At 1300m the snow covers the ground and makes the path slippery and hard to find. Here overlooking the lower glacier lake.

Helags summit at 1796 m

OK, summer season is offcially over!

On the return to Ljungdalen the gray sky makes the autumn colors of the mountain saturated and sparkling

The day after the clouds still cover the valley of Ramundberget, but on top the sky clears and Mittåkläppen shows

Todays hike takes us around Ösjön above Ramundberget.

Skars in the distance

A foggy walk around Sveån in Ramundberget

Waiting for winter, snow and downhill skiers to occupy the mountain once more.