© Martin Kull

2018 Ben Nevis  

Looking for Ben Nevis in Fort William - are we really on the right track?

Now, this looks promising!

Look there is a peak in the clouds.

. . . and now it´s gone!

Let´s try another route

Towards the Steal falls

Måns, the Scottish paths are often wet but this is ridiculous.

Finally, Sunday morning we start our hike on the north face of Ben Nevis, going for the Carn Mor Dearg Arete (CMD route). Starting point is the North park at altitude 50 m

Dawn at 7 am

"The Ben" still hides in the clouds. The peak is covered in clouds 340 days per year!

Fantastic morning light

First water and snacks break after one hour

It is getting steeper at altitude 600m



And at altitude 800m we are in the clouds

It´s getting cold and wet, but coffe, tea and blueberry soup keep us alert

And finally up on Carn Mor Dearg at 1200m

Here temperature is below zero

The path takes us downwards?

But we want to be on the ridge!

The fog limits the views but also eases any fear of hights