© Martin Kull

2016 Randonnée in Sunmöre, Norway  

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Towards Kvitegga (North of Hellesylt)

Approaching Kvitegga

Final climb by foot

... and the rewarding run towards Geiranger fjord

View 1 from Stranda Lodge Storhornet

Day 2 climbing Heimste and Fremste Blåhornet

Going down from Heimste blåhornet

And another quick climb

Good snow on Fremste Blåhornet

View 2 from Stranda Lodge - Grötet

Next challenge Ystevasshornet

Steep ascent in the gully

View 3 from Stranda Lodge - Overvollshornet

First day with the team now guided by Viktoria and Moa from Uteguiden. Todays goal Blaeja

Towards the pass

Blaeja 1420 m on the right

On Blaeja



View 4 from Stranda lodge - Emdalshornet

A longer tour towards Slogen

Brekketindane in the rear

The team

Rushing to lunch at Patchellhytta

With Slogen in view

Still far to go

Climbing Slogen looking into Ulvedalen

Last part with crampons

Low clouds made us halt 100 m below the summit